02/01/2018 12:35pm

I hope I won't miss this event next time. It's a nice chance for me to meet you.

02/04/2018 12:42am

Walford Community Centre is not stopping to come up with best activities that can help their beneficiaries! I love their aim; which is to help in any way possible. This second annual roast beef dinner will surely be attended by all classes as they have their various reasons why they will do it. Personally, I would want to be there because I want to help. Unfortunately, I live miles away from the said place!

02/08/2018 12:50pm

Wow, what a great one of the beef roast dinner and many people are attending this dinner and enjoy with family. Different companies are arranged this type of dinner for new clients and also provide the best services. When people meet to new people, then increase the interaction.

02/13/2018 12:40am

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